COVID-19 Guidelines and Protocols for The Track At Asheville

COVID is a very important topic for us as a business.  While we want to you know that we take it very seriously and are taking all of the reasonable precautions, we absolutely respect everyone’s own assessment of risk.

We're doing everything we can to reduce risk.  However, we won't try to convince anyone that there is no risk or that they should be willing to take a risk they’re not comfortable with.

Our Mask Policy

With the improving number of vaccinated people, we have relaxed our mask requirements.  Vaccinated customers are not required to wear a mask.  Anyone unvaccinated is strongly recommended to continue wearing a mask.  This is inline with CDC guidelines.

Sanitation Policies and Procedures

Given the high percentage of vaccinated people, we have relaxed our rig cleaning to several times throughout the day.  Studies have shown that surfaces are not a strong vector for transmission, but we do still disinfect surfaces to ensure a safe environment.

Employee Screening and Location Procedures

We interview all of our employees to ensure they have not had any symptoms (fever, cough) before they work their shift.  At the end of the day, we wipe down all touchpoints in the building with the disinfectant.  We also benefit from a very large space which, not only allows for 7ft spacing of all rigs and tables, but we have a large volume of air so that, despite being indoors, we have a reduced risk of transmission.

A Final Note

We take COVID-19 very seriously.  This affects the health of our patrons, employees, and all of our families.  However, we know we’ve opened at a rough time and are prepared to weather it for a bit.  We can only try to reduce the risk, not remove it.  If you feel like the risk is low enough, we welcome you!  If not, we completely understand and we look forward to seeing you when the dust has settled a bit!