Special Events

6 Hours of Spa

Featuring a 6 hour endurance race at Spa with 2-6 drivers per team piloting LMP2 and GT3 cars.

Entry fee is $200 per team

Qualifying - 4/3 through 4/23

Drivers can practice during any hot lap session.  Before any one 30 minute session, the driver can specify that it will represent qualifying for their team.  The fastest time from that session will be used to set their team's grid position.

Race Day - April 24, 2021

The race will begin at 11:00 AM and run for 6 hours.

All teams are required to make 5 three minute pit stops, and may or may not choose to swap drivers during those stops.

All driver swaps must be made during a three minute pit stop.

The race will be streamed on live Facebook.

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Coming up (subject to be tweaked):

  • IndyCars at Indianapolis Speedway - May 15th
  • GT3s at Virginia International Raceway - Jun 5th
  • F1 at Silverstone - July 17th
  • 6 hours of LeMans - August 14th
  • Cup Cars at Bristol - September 14th
  • Cup Cars at Texas - October 16th
  • Petite Petite (6 hours of Road America) - November 20th

Register Your Team for Spa!

Must have 2 - 6 drivers
Car model can be specified later