The Track at Asheville is as Real as it Gets!

Come to the Track at Asheville to get the experience of a lifetime.  Out on a datenight? Looking to try something new? Maybe you want to test try your hand in the fastest growing esport.

The Track at Asheville is the first Sim Racing Center in Western North Carolina. We provide a fun, family, friendly, unique experience for everyone.

Why The Track?

The excitment of a race, the thrill of diving into a corner three-wide, the adventure of a season-long rivalry, a love of cars.  These are some of the things that drew me to motorsports.  Unfortunately, the time and money required make participation almost impossible for most.  Enter modern sim racing.  With the amazing advances made in simulation software, like iRacing which was used by NASCAR and IndyCar during the shutdown, and modern hardware like the Fanatec direct drive wheels, almost anyone can experience racing!

The Track at Asheville is a venue that makes motorsports accessible.  By providing some of the best sim racing hardware and software, coupled with driver training programs, we will enable and empower future professional sim racers.  Our 12 seats in house create the opportunity for competition, learning, and fun!

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What is The Track?

The Track is many things.  It is a place to enjoy competing with friends and family.  It is a place for motorsports fans to enjoy a local beer and watch a race.  It is a place to learn and hone the craft or driving.  Most of all, it is a place where the joy of driving and the thrill of racing can be celebrated safely by all.

Our software gives access to hundreds of cars, including standard road cars, exotic supercars, and purpose built track beasts.  There are also nearly one hundred tracks, from kart tracks, to scenic coastal roads, to famous Formula One circuits.  We also have the ability to create myriad weather, time of day, and track conditions with unbelieveable realism.  Want to run a 24 hour race with the weather going from foggy in the morning, to a downpour, then clearing up overnight as the lights come on?  We can do it.


Our hardware brings you into the drivers seat.  All of our rigs are based on a foundation that is the best sim racing chassis on the market: the SimLab P1-X.  All of our rigs also have three pedals and the option of h-pattern, sequential, or paddle shifters to suit all types of vehicles.
Our six standard rigs offer Thrustmaster T300RS GT controls, and a Thrustmaster TH8A shifter.  Visually, they feature a single ultrawide monitor.
Our six premium rigs utilize Fanatec direct drive wheels and their ClubSport v3 pedals with load cell brakes and realistic clutch design.  The premium rigs also provide a panoramic view via the triple monitor configuration, letting you keep an eye on the competition.  We also have VR as an option for the premium rigs.

What makes The Track accessible?

Motorsports are not available to most people primarily because of three things: time, money, and safety.  Sim racing not only addresses all of these, but others as well.  Motorsports can never be approached casually.  Even a simple track weekend in a street car can potentially end in disaster.  You certainly can't get a few inexperienced friends together for a race!

Sim racing allows exactly these things.  In one sense, it provides a casual path for enjoying motorsports with low cost, no required experience, and assistance like racing line and automatic transmissions.

In another, it provides a powerful tool to those wanting to develop their skill by offering a highly realistic representation of cars, tracks, tires, and conditions in a environment with no risk, and unlimited laps.

We offer 30 minute race sessions every 45 minutes.  Each race session includes 15 minutes of practice, a 5 minute qualifying session, and a 10 minutes race.  We also offer basic and advanced driver training and coaching.

The cars and tracks are preselected for the races so you know when you want to book and that you'll have others to race against every time.

Our goal is to maintain accessibility for anyone that want to have a go, while building strong leagues, tournaments, and programs around driver development.


Who is The Track?

I’ve been interested in cars and motorsports for a long time. I found autocross to be a relatively accessible means of driving, competing, and improving myself while staying safe. I got involved with NASA (not the space one) as the most accessible way to get to the track. No matter the choices I made, all options required a large commitment of time and money. This is just how it is. Motorsport is expensive!

By the time I had a real job, thus some money to spend, I had a son and a real job, thus no time. Years flew by in which I wasn’t able to do any driving. This didn’t change my desire to go racing, or my love of cars and the skill of driving. Enter sim racing.

I started looking at iRacing in earnest and set out to build a rig that would provide enough immersion to be an outlet for my automotive needs. Now, instead of spending 3 weekends and 5 nights in the garage getting the car ready, making sure the truck and trailer were prepped, driving for several hours, spending a couple of nights in a hotel, all for a couple of hours of track time (assuming nothing broke), I can go down to my basement and spend an hour to get an hour of seat time. This became a no brainer. I no longer have the ongoing costs from tires, fuels, tracks, hotels, repairs, tow vehicles, etc, etc. I no longer have the risks of damaging my car, myself, someone else, etc. I no longer need to spend a huge amount of my time just to be ready to go driving. Here is a way for anyone to get much of the experience of driving a car at speed with little on going cost, no risk, and no time commitment.


However, the costs for a well put together rig can be prohibitive. I want to remove that barrier for people. I want people who never thought that they would be interested in driving to have a chance to feel what I’ve felt. To feel the flow of a good lap, the opportunity left in that same lap, the drive to further perfect the craft, and the thrill of a race. The Track at Asheville was created to enable that goal. To make motorsports accessible to anyone.

Some may find that sim racing inspires passion in them, but that passion translates in to becoming involved in real motorsport, while others will want to further push themselves in the simulated realm. These are both valid courses with well defined paths. Maybe you just want to drive a Porsche or a Ferrari around some mountain roads. Maybe you want to learn to drive a manual transmission without fear of damaging a real car. Maybe you want the camaraderie that comes with racing as a team, or the exhilaration of racing wheel to wheel with real people. We can open the door to all of these things.

If you’ve never driven a car at speed, or have but, like me, have difficulty putting together the resources, or even if you are active in motorsports and want a new way to build your skills, we’d love to be a part of your journey.

If any of this interests you, or even if it doesn’t, please come check us out, have a beer, watch some racing, and have a go!