Memberships at The Track At Asheville

Want to get on track regularly?  If you see yourself coming in even just once a month, the membership more than pays for itself.

Here is everything you get with a membership:

  • One free open session per month (advanced or standard rig) **THIS ALONE PAYS FOR THE MEMBERSHIP**
  • "Stand-by" - if there's an open session starting and there are available seats, you can have one for $10/$15 (standard/advanced)
  • Access to hotlap times - If you just want to turn laps, this is for you!
    • Set schedule of availability
    • Pick your car and track
    • Pick your conditions
    • $10/$15 for 30min (standard/adv)
    • $15/$20 for 60min
  • Free buddy passes to bring some friends (depends on commitment, see below for details)
  • Access to leagues (more details coming soon!!)
  • Referral bonus - $10 off your next month if you get another driver to join up!

If you think that's a lot of're right!

Introductory Pricing:

Month to Month

$60.00 per Month
  • 0 buddy passes

6 Months

$50.00 per Month
  • 2 buddy passes

1 Year ** Best Value **

$40.00 per Month
  • 6 buddy passes